Censorship and the Pending Strike in Las Vegas

          You may have noticed that yesterday’s article in no longer available. I was asked to respect my family’s wishes for privacy. Whatever. It sounds like a bunch of bull shit to me, but I decided to be spineless and comply. Family issues are not worth the effort. Not now anyway. The devil is alive and well and should return soon to the bowels of the earth. I don’t want to say any more than that. The experience has only added to the drain of the past few weeks.

          I mentioned at the end of the article that I will return to Las Vegas tomorrow. It was supposed to be a big weekend for gambling as both the World Series of Poker and the Stanley Cup will take place. There is talk of a strike, however, which could bring the city to its knees.

          The Culinary and Bartender Union’s contract will expire on Friday. The union plans to go on strike in response to years of sexual misconduct and mistreatment. I am not surprised by the surfacing allegations. The service industry receives gross mistreatment everywhere, so it makes sense that Vegas workers receive it too. The whole thing is terrible. Put your hand in your pockets folks! There is no room for that behavior in today’s world. These workers deserve our respect because they make Vegas such a wonderful place.

          Now, I would like to take a moment to plead with the Culinary and Bartender union. Please come to an agreement. Don’t ruin this for me. I understand there has been unfair treatment in the past, but my tickets are non-refundable. I understand the strike and believe in its cause. That being said, can we move it to June 8th? Don’t hurt me, because they hurt you Las Vegas. It creates a cycle of unnecessary pain. Please either come to an agreement or postpone the strikes.

          Or, can we get a little creative with the strikes at least? Can you supply alcohol and gambling during the event? Open containers are allowed on the streets of Las Vegas, and all of the blackjack and poker dealers will be in attendance. Just a thought…

          I will join you on the front lines if we open this thing up and implement more entertainment value. Hell, I’ll march for just about anything if that is the case. So what do you say workers of Las Vegas? Can we meet in the middle? I think we could create the greatest attack possible on the Casino industry!

          Let me know your thoughts on that idea Vegas. In the meantime, I will post my latest review at some point before my flight tomorrow. This week I revisited Star Wars: A New Hope.

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