Laura Ingraham, Where Did You Go to Summer Camp?

President Trump abandoned his policy of separating families at the border today. The political clamps finally closed in on him and forced him to stop locking away migrant children in abandoned Walmart’s. It is unbelievable that the policy ever existed in the first place. Who could ever sign off on this sort of thing…? Oh yeah… right… Well, I guess it should not have come as a surprise that our President and Attorney General would approve. Their xenophobia is palpable- barring the white-European countries of course. They won’t steal your children Norway… Most of you fit their desired mold.

The surprising part of the child separation debacle comes from the news coverage. Fox News, Trump’s favorite propaganda machine, justified the removal and imprisonment of children at every turn. Fox and Friends attempted to rebrand the child prisons as security pens like the ones found on farms. I know. It is amazing that they are falling in line with Trump on this one. At some point, I thought they would reach a line in the sand. A point when their network would say, “Okay, this is indefensible.” The revelation never came, however, and the propaganda machine continues to rage. They instead painted a picture of a family farm, which implies the children are equivalent to livestock.

My favorite take on the child detainment centers came from Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Ingraham compared the facilities to a summer camp, which begs the question: Where did you go to camp Laura? Did your parents hate you enough to send you to camp in an abandoned Walmart? If so, we should not be angry with her. We should pity her. Laura might have gone to summer camp in an abandoned superstore in south Texas with chain link fences and tin foil blankets. Laura, I wish your parents loved you more too and didn’t send you to this sort of camp. Unfortunately,  It appears to be the only logical conclusion. Since, you know…An abandoned Walmart is no place for children.

We probably will begin locking entire families in camps now that Trump has signed the executive order. Summer fun for the whole family! Right, Laura?

Trump admires dictators, so it should not surprise us when he attempts to act like one. Imprisoning groups has long been a staple of totalitarianism. All of his friends are doing it, so it makes sense that he tried. Unlike his heroes, however, Trump had to answer to his people. He could not act tyrannically. Our country would not allow for it.

Family separation should have never occurred in the land of the free. This sounds like a story that would come out of Russia or China. It shocks me that we have fallen to this point. Apparently, the Trump regime wants to head down a dark path. We cannot allow it to transpire. The American Dream did not include any of this.

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