Why Republicans Should Have Voted for Hilary Clinton (It’s Not What You Think!)

I hate to jump down the political rabbit hole once again. Politics is a dirty and divisive game that I do not like to play. That said, I encountered an idea that has prompted me to jump down once again. This idea concerns the 2016 presidential election. I believe, for the sake of the Republican Party, Republicans should have voted for Hilary Clinton. Here’s why:

The Republican Party is now the Trump Party:

The Republican base has shifted under President Trump. The party has swayed from the small government platform that it had hailed for decades. You no longer hear party members call for the decrease of the federal government. I have not heard the phrase, “Leave it up to the states,” from a Republican policy-maker since the convention in July 2016. Why is that you ask? The party has shifted. It has become the party of Trump. Half of the nation has bought into his cult of personality. The party has fallen in line with him on almost anything. It took the imprisonment of children to cause any descent at all. despite some decent, however, a significant amount of the party still approves of the action.

Trump has a current nationwide approval rating of 41% as of June 24th (Jones). He achieved his highest approval rating, according to the Gallup poll, last week with a rating of 45% (Jones). The low national rating contrasts the president’s approval rating within his own party, which sits at 87% (Jones). These statistics point to a totalitarian style of admiration amongst the party. The child internment camps could not deter their strong support of the leader. In their eyes, he can do no wrong. Trump himself summarized this best, when he said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”  The president said these remarks in jest, however, they have become harrowingly true. I believe in the president's words. He could commit murder and retain the entirety of his base.

So what does this have to do with Hilary Clinton? Simple. The Republican Party would not be the Trump Party if Hilary had won the presidency. Trump would not represent the Republican Party had he failed. The experiment would have ended. The outside and the fringe would have faded in defeat. Trump’s victory legitimized the radical right and cemented him as the leader of the party. Don’t believe me? Go back and look at Mitt Romney’s and John McCain. Mitt Romney ran on the classic republican principals of reducing government size and spending, while McCain ran on the idea of bipartisanism. They vary widely from the promises of President Trump. The Trump campaign ran on the promise of a strong leader. Forget for a second the wall, and the Muslim ban, which are two of his most famous promises. The President promised that he would be a presidential strong man, and for better or worse, he gave it to us. 

President Hilary Clinton would have put an end to the radical right. It would have proven to the party that the fringe was not a viable option. She would have caused the resurgence of the moderate republican by defeating radicalism. 

Hilary Clinton would have also made the ideal opposition for the Republican Party. I strongly believe Hilary Clinton, due to the Republican’s control of the House and Senate, would have been impeached by this point in her presidency. Hilary is a shady figure and has been accused of corruption and bad practices for years. The Republicans would have more than likely rallied behind these accusations, and attempted to impeach the madam president. Win or lose (I think win), the Republicans would have tried.

Even if they could not impeach Hilary, the party would not have been derailed by Trump's beliefs. President Hilary Clinton would have led to the regroup of Republicans. The ALT Right would not have conquered, and a candidate more indicative of the party’s core values would have run in 2020.

The Republican Party has changed. In my opinion, it changed for the worse. I like smaller government, and I do not believe in handouts. I hate paying high taxes. Now, I do not believe in trickledown economics or any other stupid and disproven policies. I want cuts in the middle class’s taxes (You know the class that actually improves the economy when given more buying power).  I also believe that you should have the right to be gay and have your cake too. I would not call myself a republican by any stretch. I am staunchly independent. I am pro-gay and pro-gun. I believe in the decriminalization of all drug offenses, and immigration control (the rational kind...). I know… it is a pretty radical mix. Regardless of all that, I miss the old republicans. I used to find the occasional candidate that I agreed with. The party today has swayed too far to the right. It scares the crap out of me.

My biggest fear revolves around the potential response to Trump. I fear the Democrats and the left will opt to fight radicalism with radicalism. I have believed in the middle for a long time. It appears, today, to have fled. The identity politics and political correctness of the far left shall prevail in 2020. Even self-proclaimed liberals fear this growing movement. Trump has fueled their fire. The worst has yet to come.

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