Kids See Ghosts Review: Cudder is Back

I woke up this morning and found the live stream for Kids See Ghosts. I don’t know why they are live streaming the album at 9:00 am EST, but whatever. It is here. Let’s get to it.

The Good:

                Kanye may have won the Triple Crown today folks.  Cudder is back. He hasn’t dropped an album this good in almost a decade. Kid Cudi is at his best when he actually raps on tracks, and Kids See Ghosts actually sees him do that. While some songs are out there, there are flashes of the old Kid Cudi, with songs like “Reborn.”

                The album does not disappoint. I waited hours to listen, and have no regrets about it. Kids See Ghosts hit the mark.

The Bad:

                 This is not Man on the Moon. The album is great, but it cannot compare to Man on the Moon or his mixtape A Kid Named Cudi. I love hearing Cudi rap again, but I do not foresee him producing anything like his early work again.

The album, like Ye, is short. The album only contains seven songs. The listening party on Wav ended shockingly quickly. The length of the album was especially disappointing because we have waited so long to see Kid Cudi return to rap.

The Ugly:

                I think the ugly of “Kids See Ghosts,” comes from the rest of Kid Cudi’s discography. He has not released an album like this since 2009. We have waited a long time for Kid Cudi to produce a quality rap album. I always held out hope and listened to his confusion inducing work. He has once again realized where his talents lay. Go Listen to the album when it drops. It will not disappoint.

Grade: A-

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