5 The Cure Songs You Need to Listen to

5 The Cure Songs You Need to Listen to

Yes, yes I know. I am back from the dead once again. What can I say? Uncle Raoul used some of his shamanistic magic and once again resurrected himself. What is this now? The eighth resurrection? It has to be some sort of record.

Maybe you don’t believe in my powers? Maybe you do? Either way, we are here to talk about five songs by The Cure that you need to listen to. This list is in no particular order, and it isn’t a top five. Top fives feel hokey and disingenuous. Who am I to say what's best? I’m just some half-magical being with a drinking habit (not a problem) and an iPhone SE. That’s right. I said iPhone SE, which is the smallest iPhone on the market. Fill in jokes at your leisure.

The Cure hail from England, and took the alternative music scene by storm during the ’80s and early ’90s. I remember discovering The Cure in a leather CD case in the glove compartment of my dad’s 1997 GMC Jimmy. The man and the car both revealed themselves to be terrible, but the album, Disintegration (1989), contains some of the band’s best work.

I would like to thank Sean for the amazing art. He will be helping to bring some color to this thing. Go follow his Instagram account @shoey_edits to see more amazing edits. Anyway… Let’s get on with it.

1.)    Pictures of you- Disintegration (1989)

              This one will make you feel sentimental enough to text your high school girlfriend… or so I’ve heard

2.)    Boys Don’t Cry- Three Imaginary Boys (1979)

But real men do….

3.)    Just Like Heaven- Kiss Me, Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987)

It’s about exactly what you think its about.           

4.)    Lovesong- Disintegration (1989)

               Another great one off of Disintegration

5.)    Friday I’m in Love- Wish (1992)

This one always makes me think of that Regular Show Episode with Mordecai and Margret- I mean what? I’m an adult. I don’t watch cartoons!



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