Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers 4 year $142 Million...Sports Analysts are too Obsessed with the Knicks and Lakers...College Debt and a Generation of Home Bodies

I feel tired. I don’t know why this blog has drawn me back in, but it has. It seems random because it is. I haven’t thought about the Alternative Gazette in 9 months and all the sudden in the last two days I find myself wanting to post. I think I’m just procrastinating. I can convince myself this is some sort of work while I sit here and type in front of a printed manuscript. I guess it’s not not productive.

I’m sitting here in my living room in Pennsylvania watching ESPN on YouTube and trying to pretend like I didn’t wake up with intentions to work on bigger things. It happens. I can write a page in about 5 minutes, but for every page I write there’s about 30 minutes of fucking around on my phone. These little rectangles are addictive. There’s just too much to distract you.

Speaking of distractions. I found out that Kawhi Leonard signed to the Los Angeles Clippers for $142 million over four years. I honestly called this one. Everyone on ESPN and FS1 was convinced that he would become a Laker. Chris Broussard said the chances of him becoming a Laker were 94%... Nice one Chris. Way to be a professional. I feel like he got that number from someone inside the Lakers, which is just bad journalistic practice. Of course the Lakers would say that! So would the Raptors! They both wanted it to happen and both wanted to project hope onto their fan base. The indicator that Kawhi was going to the Clippers was the way they handled themselves during this news cycle. While a lot of noise came from the Lakers and the Raptors, the Clippers were mostly silent. Just like, you know… how Kawhi is silent. The dude doesn’t talk. It makes perfect sense that he would be drawn to a drama-free organization like them. Analysts are idiots and were exposed by the Kawhi Leonard saga.

The problem with the sports media is that, often times, they tell you what they want to believe rather than what seems likely. The same thing happened with Kevin Durant and the Knicks. Sports journalists are almost entirely from LA and New York, which means that they are predominantly Lakers and Knicks fans. It’s why the talk all year was about the Knicks landing a top star and about the Lakers acquiring every player in the league’s top ten. Many of these sports analysts and journalists are not as professional and unbiased as the TV networks would like us to believe. In reality, they are sports fans. It’s why they got into the sports business and the idea of them losing their fanaticism is almost childish. Their takes on the Knicks and the Lakers are the same as me with the Spurs. I always think the Spurs are contenders and always am hopeful in their young core. It’s why I think Dejounte Murray and Lonnie Walker IV will be stars in this league. It’s almost based on nothing, but I know it to be true. As the losers in this world would say, it’s my truth…

I feel exhausted. Too much bud and late-night pizza. Carts will be the death of me folks make no mistake. It’s just too convenient. There’s no process to it anymore. It’s like having kegs in your basement or something. There’s no running out to the store and no hassle. There is just always an abundance.

I should probably go back upstairs eventually. My girlfriend (humble brag) is upstairs asleep and at a certain point, I feel like I should join her. Kawhi has signed. They also got Paul George. Forgot to mention that… Whoops! The news has broken. It’s over. We can all rest easy now in the sports world. The next biggest news to wait for is Boogie Cousins and honestly, it’s not a big deal. I like Boogie, but he’s not a big enough name to keep me out of bed and scrolling twitter. Unless of course, he’s a Spur… but again that’s only a big deal to me and the city of San Antonio.

What’re we doing here?

I don’t really know. I feel lost in all of this. I probably should find a job since this latest contract expires in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll sport some rags and go on a begging spree… might not be my worst option. If I don’t have an address, then they won’t have anywhere to send the loan debt to…

It is crazy how student loans have developed. My Auntie Brenda once told me that everyone moves out of their house for good by their sophomore year of college. It sounded right at the time, but now that I have graduated I find that everyone has moved home. No one can afford their own place. We all left school with amounts of debt that we can’t even wrap our college educated minds around. My debt is far from the worst of my friends and it feels insurmountable to me. I pray for those with one more zero than I have at the end of mine. Y’all are fucked. No offense.

Why is college so expensive though? And why is it pushed on us the way it is? Our parents received the same education that we did for a fraction of the cost. People used to wait tables through college. Good luck doing that now. The tip jar can cover your books. When I look back at it now and when I see the cardboard tube with my diploma still in it, I think that I made a mistake by not becoming a lineman. I would have read all of the books anyway. I wasted a lot of time and money on college and could have probably bought a place of my own as a lineman. I also would get to work outside and with my hands. I seriously considered doing it before my sophomore year of college after I quit engineering, and right now, I definitely get the feeling that I chose the wrong path.

It’s the next bubble and I have found myself right in the thick of it. God save us all because the bailout won’t happen when this one pops…

I was going to get more into this but I think I ran out of time on this one. I’m not as fast as I thought. Oh well… fuck it.

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